Monday, October 15, 2012

My One "New Yorker" Cartoon Possibility

I was planning to send this to The New Yorker until I read how hard it is to actually have something accepted--30 gags a month, years of submissions--so decided, what the heck, put it on the blog.

We don't have all five of us home at night much anymore, but when we did, this scene was not a complete impossibility.  A nod to Lord of the Rings, and a special thanks to artist, inventor, toy designer, model helicopter pilot, and friend Ben Bowman for the artwork.


  1. Very nice!

    Even nicer than my Christmas picture from 2003, though that's what I thought of immediately. Like yours, it's a living room setting with five people. Three are busy with computers on their laps. (This was almost 10 years ago: no iPhones, no iPads.) The fourth is laughing, probably at the others, and holding the fifth, a newborn baby. No, not THAT newborn baby, but I did title the picture, "We Three Nerds."

  2. I immediately had to post your comic to my own blog. If you have any objections, let me know and I'll (reluctantly) take it down.

  3. The baby is a good reminder (especially for Moms) that multitasking started well before screens. Post away, and thanks!