Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things I Learned About Apps in 2012

Rule 1: As soon as you find an app you love, it gets “improved.”

Rule 2: Nobody ever asks if you want your app improved.

Rule 3: A really good app will be improved in a series of releases until it becomes slow, bloated and useless. (You can watch "innovator's dilemma" unfold in real time, right before your eyes.)

Rule 4:  Describing an app as “gorgeous” is like saying your blind date has personality. (Corollary: A "gorgeous" app is essentially useless, even before the first "improvement.")

Rule 5: There's no such thing as a free app. (Corollary:
Apps use you more than you use them.)  

Rule 6: Apps launched without a revenue model are especially dangerous and prone to self-destruction.

Rule 7: Apps are like diamonds; if we stopped mining them today there would be enough already in circulation for every man, woman and child for the next century.